Monday, November 27, 2006

There's this boy I like. He doesn't know. I don't know if I want him to know. I was in this same position last november. I shake my fist at him for continously making me fall for him.

I "broke" up with Laine in September. He just wasn't for me. He lived to far away and was kind of "high maintanence". He had too many problems and was beginning to make me feel like I was the only one he could depend on for the remedy to his problems. I had and still have my own problems to worry about.

I dont m ind helping people but when they're dumping EVERYthing unto your shoulders, you have to say no right?

ANYways, so this new boy I like. He's cute. He's tall. We have so much in common, aside from a few things. We get along together perfectly. But it's kind of scary.

I dont think the new boy will ever know.

Sssssssssssh! Don't tell him!

Thursday, November 02, 2006
Are you waiting for a special occasion to give me your heart? 'Cause I need a little confirmation to make a real start Don't wait 'til it's to late Are you ready to show me? Are you ready to love me?

I actuallywent to school the whole day today. Two days this week already. Wait...maybe three days this week. That's pretty good. Considering.

Other than school I haven't really done anything else. It's only like 4:00 in the afternoon so I haven't really been able to do anything yet.
I'm talking to Tif on MSN and we're trying to think up some really funny/cool/kinky msn names she can use about spanking. lol I came up with some funny ones ha ha ha.

Chelle wrote this post on her new blog, (I swear we have blogs coming out of our ears O.O;) and she has written on of the most amazing posts I've ever read before. You MUST check it out!!! Absolutly amazing!!! Brillient work.

I'm to lazy to edit this post. I don't care. I need to think of something to put in the descirption for our new blog 'Drunken Slatherings'. I've already posted twice. We're still working on the changes for the template, links and other stuff. I wanna figure out how to change the background but so far am not able to. Weird I know. If anyone knows could you tel me? Pretty please? Thanks!! ^^

Oh and Hey you!!! Leave comments please? I love comments. Makes me feel like I have a purpose in the world. To appease or displease people who are reading my blog. ^^

Falling Heels over Head
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's not very often you fall head over heels in so little time. Well at least for me it's not often. Infact I never have fallen so quickly. It's scary.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that maybe I just want to jump in head first out of desperation. But then, if that was the reason, why would I fall for someone so FAR away?


I mean, my choices arne't limited to only him. I could pretty much get any guy if I actually tried..okay well maybe not EVERY guy, but a few at least.

What is it about him that makes me want him so much? Makes me want to feel so strongly for in such short time? What is it that he has tied around my eyes to make me blind to my usual rationality?

It's confusing to me. I wish I could talk to him right now...

It's a Sparta-post.
Friday, July 14, 2006

I've fallen victim and turned into one of thhose people who are forever taking pictures of their cat. But alas, he is like my child. If he was a human he would definitly be my son.

I love this cat like no one else. He is my baby and I would give him everything in the entire world if I could afford it. I love him so much.

He used to sleep in my arms and just lay with me. He used to lie on me and sleep with me when I was sleeping.

He doesn't really do that anymore. It kind of makes me sad.

Sometimes I think he's angry at me. Maybe he feels neglected since I started talking to Laine.

But I reassure him that I still love him and he is ALWAYS first in my heart.

I wish Mr. Kitty was home to meet his brother but he's not. He ran away.

I know Spartacus won't run away because I've had him since he was old enough to leave his kitty mummy. He'll stay with me forever.

As long as I keep the door closed. ...Ha ha ha.

He's so precious. I love him sooooooooo much. little pookie!

You like? Yes?
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sooooo? What do you think? Do you like the template change? Does it suit your approval?

I'm not so much a big fan of black backgrounds anymore, but it's beautiful and I like it. I think it's gorgeous. The guy who made this template did a very excellent job. I'm happy about it. ^^

I chime in with a 'Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door, no?' Its much better to face these kinds of things...
Monday, June 26, 2006
...with a sense of poisoned rationality...


Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. It's like the end of June now.

Me, chelle and her friends went to the beach on Saturday and now I'm extremely sun-burnt. It's very painful.

Very Painful.

I have like this new little boytoy, I've been talking to ont he phone for like the last month. His name in Laine. He's pretty cool.

I love this picture.

It's taking me quite a while to actually start liking him. He's already telling me he loves me, which is kind of scaring me away, but he's very genuwine, and sweet. And he has a great voice, and he sings beautifully. I like him. He's coming down sometime in the middle of July. I'm kind of nervous. >.<


The 'It's Your Frestival' is on this weekend. I can't wait. Me and Tiffany are gonna go together and get drunk. And listen to some new bands play. It's all good.



You Are a Sensitive Kisser

For you, kissing is a way to connect

And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy

It may take you a while to kiss someone...

But when you do, it's total fireworks

Yeah. I also like hot, passionate, deep kisses. Those are ...mmmm hott! ^^

Monday, May 29, 2006

Okay, so I drew the bottom picture. The top is obviously what I drew. Not bad huh?

I'm so proud. I love him so much. I wish he was still alive. I is saddened.

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Falling Heels over Head
It's a Sparta-post.
You like? Yes?
I chime in with a 'Haven't you people ever heard o...
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